Training For Motherhood

Training For Motherhood

A pregnancy-safe program (approved and created by a pre and postnatal certified trainer!) that trains you for EVERY stage of motherhood: pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum, and everyday motherhood movements.

- Over 40 follow-along workouts for every trimester
- A suggested workout schedule to follow
- Downloadable PDFs with workouts in written form, information on what each trimester includes, modifications, what changes are happening in our body, and more.

With every single exercise in this program written intentionally with the thought of "how can this be applied to motherhood" behind it, we focus on specific goals and movements for each trimester:
FIRST trimester, we focus on strengthening our full body and core to carry us through the rest of pregnancy.
SECOND trimester, we work on maintaining that strength, building endurance, & strengthening imbalances, really utilizing that second trimester energy.
And THIRD trimester, we continue to use what we've learned and worked on in prior trimesters to prepare us for the big birth day as we slow things down and focus on labor prep.

Each trimester includes movements that directly translate over to motherhood, whether that's strengthening our upper body to carry the carseat and diaper bag, or work on hip mobility to prepare us for birthing positions, or build our core to better help us during postpartum recovery. We truly are training for motherhood.

- A set of dumbbells (for reference: I alternate between a set of 8 pound and 10 pound dumbbells)
- Stability ball (
- Long band (
- Short band (
- A small ball ( or pillow
- An incline (you'll see me using a bench, but this is not required--anything at home works: coffee table, cooler, etc)
- Any other weights are optional. I use a "heavier weight (35 pounds) during certain workouts, but this is not mandatory)

Training For Motherhood
  • Training For Motherhood Intro

    Mama! WELCOME! I am THRILLED you are here and choosing to trust me with your pregnancy workout routine. Before you get started, please watch this video so you know alllll the good deets. I am SO EXCITED to workout with you, Mama!

  • Pregnancy Core 101

    PLEASE take the time to thoroughly listen to this video at least once before doing these 8 exercises on your own!! Aim to do this one 3-7 days a week throughout ALL of pregnancy!
    Our core is ever-changing throughout pregnancy. And while 100% of us will have Diastis Rectis (DR) to some degree, it...

  • Prenatal Stretch & Release Routine

    Aim to do this one 3-7 days a week throughout ALL of pregnancy!
    Take this one at your own pace, Mama. This is a routine I want you doing from early pregnancy to the very end. Ideally, you're able to do it every other day. Let's aim for at least 3 days a week though. Watch the video through 1-2 ti...

  • Pelvic Floor Strength

    In this video, we go over the need to STRENGTHEN and RELASE our pelvic floor. Because each is equally important! We also go over my favorite helpful PF visual: the blueberry visual.

    This video isn't meant to be used as a workout, but rather to be educational so you can PRACTICE these exercises a...

  • Pregnancy Core Workout 1

    I wanted to do this in "demo" format so you can watch once or twice, familiarize yourself with the moves, and be confident enough to do them on your own at your own pace. Because we'll be doing this workout throughout our entire pregnancy! So we'll all be going at different paces :)

    - 10 clamsh...

  • Pregnancy Core Workout 2

    I wanted to do this in "demo" format so you can watch once or twice, familiarize yourself with the moves, and be confident enough to do them on your own at your own pace. Because we'll be doing this workout throughout our entire pregnancy! So we'll all be going at different paces :)

    Equipment: ...

  • Pelvic Floor 101 + Third Trimester Release Work

    Here's everything you need to know about your pelvic floor, mama! This video is meant to be listened to at the beginning of this program, but the 3 exercises are meant to be done in THIRD trimester. That's when we want to start loosening up those pelvic floor muscles to make way for baby :)


  • First Trimester Intro Video

    Alright mama--here is a lot of what you need to know about first trimester: what we focus on, some of the changes happening in our bodies, the hormones you're experiencing, and more.

    Please watch this and listen up before you get started in your first trimester workouts. And PLEASE remember: fir...

  • First Trimester Full Body Strength

    Working the body as a WHOLE is so important. We want to be able to connect to each of our muscles and make sure our core is engaged before and throughout evert single exercise. We need strong bodies, Mama! Each of these exercises are chosen with the thought of "training for motherhood."


  • First Trimester Lower Body Push & Pull

    We need a strong lower body because our lower body is in charge of the MAJORITY of labor and delivery!

    Equipment: short band, stability ball, set of dumbbells, heavier weight (optional)

    Activation: 3x
    - 10 (each leg) donkey kicks
    - 10 (each leg) fire hydrants
    - 20 (forward & backward) monster...

  • First Trimester Upper Body (Back & Biceps)

    Whether you realize it or not, Mama, you're about to be doing bicep curls on the regular :) Every time you pick up that sweet babe, you're essentially curling! We also need a strong back to help support us during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. These exercises are chosen to help us train for al...

  • First Trimester Push & Pull with Core

    Equipment: set of dumbbells, stability ball, small ball/pillow
    - 12 RDL to bent over row
    - 10-12 bicep curls
    - 10 bear hold with ball squeeze
    - 10-12 pushups
    - 20 seated alternating shoulder press
    - 5-8 (each side) side-lying triceps pushups
    Core Circuit 3x:
    - 10 calf raise with stabili...

  • First Trimester Full Body Balance

    Balance--because our changing body is continuing to shift and move and we want to make sure we keep up with it! So these exercises focus on unilateral work (which y'all know means: CORE!), body awareness (noticing imbalances, where there are changes, what is starting to get difficult), and engagi...

  • First Trimester Glutes

    With the right body awareness, education, and daily movement, pregnancy can be comfortable and alignment can be maintained close to normal even with the shifts in the center of gravity.The key is to move with awareness, release tension around the pelvis, and ensure that you work on the *glutes* t...

  • First Trimester Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders

    Focusing on a strong chest and shoulders can help with the shifting of our center of gravity. If we let this slip away, we can do longterm damage to our back and pelvic floor. No thank you! So we want strong and LONG muscles in our chest, triceps, and shoulders to protect our ever-changing body. ...

  • First Trimester Lower Body Bodyweight Workout

    Lots of unilateral work to focus on CONNECTION to our core and balance! Weights are optional for several of these moves, but it's an effective workout without them. Make sure you're really channeling your mind-to-muscle connection and letting your CORE 4 come into work!
    Please enjoy the reality t...

  • First Trimester Posterior Chain

    The BACK of our body is CRUCIAL to keep up with during pregnancy. With all of the changes that are happening anteriorly (in the front), we want to stay ahead of letting that affect our alignment too much. As our center of gravity shifts, our shoulders round and our pelvis pushes forward--both of ...

  • First Trimester Stretch & Breath Work

    DISCLAIMER: I am *not* any form of a yogi, and am not pretending to be. These exercises are straight from a certification course I took and are perfect for first trimester. Instead of calling this a yoga workout, I'm calling it a "stretch and breath work" routine--because that's what I want it to...

  • Second Trimester Intro Video

    Please be sure to watch this before beginning Second Trimester workouts. We cover body changes, modifications, and goals/focuses of this trimester!

  • Second Trimester Full Body Strength

    Important things we work on during second tri:
    - Unilateral Work: to address imbalances and compensations
    - Glutes: to stabilize pelvis, support pelvic floor, reduce hip & back pain
    - Deep Core: to stabilize pelvis and spine & strengthen the pelvic floor
    - Back: to help with alignment and postu...

  • Second Trimester Lower Body Push & Pull

    I explain what push and pull are in the workout. And of course, we have unilateral-focused movements throughout! Remember to keep focus on CORE and body-awareness (what's being worked, what's not being worked, where you're feeling it, imbalances, etc)

    Equipment: long band, short band, heavy wei...

  • Second Trimester Complete Upper Body

    Here, we are supersetting some agonist-antagonist paired sets (think: opposites muscle groups) so that we can keep things speedy and get our hearts pumping
    Equipment: long band, set of dumbbells, stability ball/bench
    Warmup: 2x12 seated banded pull aparts (engage deep core here!)
    4x 8-10 inclin...

  • Second Trimester Upper Body Pull (Back & Biceps)

    For this workout, every move is targeting our back and/or biceps. You'll probably notice that during pretty much every back exercise, your biceps will be feeling some work, as well. That's because the two go hand in hand (especially with rows)! So many of these moves translate directly into mothe...

  • Second Trimester Full Body Balance

    Equipment: set of dumbbells, stability ball, incline (bench, box, coffee table), long band
    4x6 (each arm) offset RDLs
    SS 1: 3x (complete each exercise with right arm, repeat on left)
    - 10 seated single arm Arnold press
    - 5-8 side-lying tricep presses
    - 10-12 (each leg) single leg hip thrusts...

  • Second Trimester Glutes

    Lots of bodyweight work here, and focusing on the importance of GLUTES and unilateral work!

    Equipment: stability ball/bench, long band, short band, one lighter dumbbell, heavy dumbbell (optional for RDLs)
    Activation: 3x
    - 10 long band good mornings
    - 20 (each direction) lateral steps
    - 10 (eac...

  • Second Trimester Upper Push (Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders)

    All upper body PUSH movements (with some core in the mix, of course!) We mamas need upper body strength to do so many things in our daily lives!

    Equipment: incline, stability ball (optional), set of dumbbells, long band
    SS 1: 3x
    - 12-15 incline OR stability ball chest press
    - 5-8 (each arm) si...

  • Second Trimester Posterior Chain

    As explained in First Trimester Posterior Chain, the main reason for strengthening our PC is because: the stronger our backside is, the more support our frontside receives. And by now, you're probably noticing the shifting of your alignment--whether you're wanting it to happen or not!
    So focusin...

  • Second Trimester Full Body Core & Pelvic Floor

    This workout is full body, but I want the focus to be on core and pelvic floor. Each of these moves requires you engaging the core and pelvic floor, having the Core 4 work synergistically. With engaging the deep core (TVA), you want to exhale and bring the pelvic floor muscles together, and lift ...

  • Second Trimester Stretch & Breath Work

    *Disclaimer: I am NOT a yogi and don't pretend to be! These moves are some of which I learned while going through my certification. I wanted to incorporate them into this program to allow you to have a slower workout that allows you to shut off your mind and just think about connecting with your ...

  • Third Trimester Intro Video

    Okay, Mama. The final trimester! You made it :)

    Please watch this before beginning your Third Trimester workouts.

  • Third Trimester Full Body Strength

    Equipment: stability ball, set of dumbbells, small ball/pillow, long band (just for warmup)
    - 10 standing lat pulldowns
    - 5 (each side) rear crescent lunges
    - 20 monster walks
    - 8-12 RDL to bent over rows *this range of reps is here for YOU to choose what number feels best
    - 10 st...

  • Third Trimester Pelvic Stability & Core

    This one's a bit long, and requires adjusting some equipment around, but it's such an important one! Lots of explaining, too, so make sure you listen up :)

    Equipment: small ball/pillow, cable machine/long band, set of dumbbells, kettlebell or heavy weight to swing with

    3x: pelvic stability ex...

  • Third Trimester Glutes

    Equipment: stability ball/incline, short band, set of dumbbells, optional heavy weight
    Activation: 3x
    - 15 glute bridges (can modify here for hip thrusts if that feels better)
    - 15 (each leg) standing kickbacks
    - 10 (each side) clamshells
    - 10-15 hip thrusts *bodyweight is optional here, b...

  • Third Trimester Upper Push

    During this workout, I want your focus to be on connecting the Core 4 WHILE you push. Being able to make that mind-to--muscle connection and having all of these very important muscles working together is so important and GREAT training for the big day!

    Equipment: small ball/pillow, incline for ...

  • Third Trimester Lower Body

    This one is a bit longer, but packed with birth-prepping lower body exercises. And it was the perfect level of difficult! I make it clear throughout the video, but just to reiterate: PLEASE tweak sets and reps to what feels best for YOU where you are in your pregnancy. Each circuit is suggested t...

  • Third Trimester Full Body Balance

    Alright, mama. This one's a bit longer. As with the rest of Third Trimester workouts, it does focus on prep for birth. So each of the three circuits includes a slow pelvic floor and core-focused exercise. Lots of breath work, mind to muscle connection, and engagement work.
    If you're short on tim...

  • Third Trimester Upper Body Pull

    This workout's main goal is to leave you feeling OPEN--opening up your chest and strengthening your back, as you continue to make room for your sweet babe. We NEED a strong back, Mamas!

    Equipment: long band, stability ball, set of dumbbells, small ball/pillow
    SS 1: 3x
    - 10-15 seated horizontal ...

  • Birth Prep

    This video is providing you with exercises that help prep you for birth. Woohoo! I didn't film this as a workout, but rather showed you what the 6 exercises are. I want you to choose the exercises that feel BEST and most relaxing to you. That may end up being all 6 of them, or just 1-2 depending ...

  • Third Trimester Stretch & Breath Routine

    These workouts are here for you to PAUSE. I want you to close out the outside world, and just connect to your baby. Shut everything else out!

    *Please remember: I am NOT a yogi, but have learned these moves in my prenatal training. I want your focus to be connection: connection to your core and y...

  • Preparing To Push Workout

    As you prepare for labor and delivery—in other words, as you get ready to push—it’s good to learn more about pelvic mobilization and how to feel the power of your pelvis. PLEASE note that this workout can be helpful even for mamas who know they are going to have a scheduled C-section! We ALL have...

  • *BONUS* Third Trimester Hip Mobility & Pelvis Opening

    All of these exercises are intended to start (no earlier than) 35-37 weeks to help baby descend into the pelvic canal. We need to be able to have a full range of motion within our pelvis, NOT just be able to drop down into a deep squat like you see all over Instagram. While a deep squat is great,...

  • *BONUS* Pelvic Floor Guidance

    Pelvic floor work is NOT just strength! It's also relaxing, accessory work (glutes, core, adductors, back), and hip mobility and stability. And it can maybe feel overwhelming to try and get ALL of that in! This video's purpose is to help put you at ease that a) it's not overwhelming and b) you're...

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