Booty After Baby

Booty After Baby

Booty After Baby is a 4-month postpartum program designed to help moms retrain their core & pelvic floor, rebuild their strength, and reconnect to their body.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't warned about how sad my butt would be after giving birth. So instead of just sitting on it, I decided I'm going to get it back. Booty After Baby focuses on the reconnection to our postpartum bodies, with an emphasis on core and pelvic floor, so we can begin rebuilding our glutes.

SCHEDULE: This is a 4-month program (45 workouts total)
Weeks 1-3: 2 workouts a week (so you'll complete Workouts #1-#6)
Remaining weeks: 3 workouts a week

- a set of weights (I used 10 pound dumbbells, for reference)
- a short band
- a long band
- and a heavier weight (I used a 35 pound dumbbell, for reference)

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Booty After Baby
  • Booty After Baby #1

    DAY ONE! Here we go, mamas. These first 6 workouts are going to be slow and steady as we work on gaining back mobility, strength, mind-to-muscle connection, and familiarity of moving our bodies again.
    This workout will be the slowest one we go through, but perhaps the most necessary. Today will i...

  • Booty After Baby #2

    You made it back to day 2! Way to go, mama. Everyday you show up is one more step to gaining your strength (and booty!) back.
    Today we're working more on mobility and focusing on glute activation. This workout involves a lot of unilateral moves, which will be key in regaining strength back and wo...

  • Booty After Baby #3

    *You'll notice this video looks different after 12:25. That's because it is haha. Somehow, the last half of this workout got cut and I realized it 2 months too late. So, here it is completed--17 weeks postpartum!

    Workout by workout, we're adding more movements to strengthen our bodies up. My goa...

  • Booty After Baby #4

    Hopefully by now, your movements are starting to feel more smooth and a bit easier. Ideally, your mobility is progressing with each workout. We're keeping at it, mama!

    - 2 x 5 (each leg) hip CARs (we’re reversing directions today! More range of motion for us, woop!)

    - 3 x 5 (each side) birddogs...

  • Booty After Baby #5

    LAST DAY OF HIP CARS! Which means we are moving and cruising right through this. Things are starting to get serious!

    - 2 x 5 (each side) hip CARs (see ya never!)

    - 2 x 10 (each side) birddog pulses

    - 2 x 20 cha-chas (each leg, don't alternate)

    - 2 x 10 (each leg) rainbows

    - 3 x 5 (each dir...

  • Booty After Baby #6

    Continuing to add in more moves as we go! This is the last week that we're only doing 2 workouts per week. Starting next week, we're cranking it up to THREE!

    - Activation: 3 x 20 lateral step taps, 20 (each leg) cha cha’s, 40 seated abduction

    - SS x 3: 10 sumo squats + 12 step squats

    - SS x 3...

  • Booty After Baby #7

    Alright mamas, let me introduce you to finishers. From here on out, no workout is complete without a finisher. One of the key elements of building a booty is a finisher! Think burn, burn, burn. Let's do it!

    - 3 x 30 (each direction) lateral steps, 10 good mornings, 15 hip thrusts

    - SS x 3: 15 h...

  • Booty After Baby #8

    *Side note: I started this thinking we were still on workout #6. Hello mom brain! We've obviously moved onto 3 workouts a week already and we're onto week 4. Just in case y'all were confused by that :)

    We're continuing to pick things up here. Grab some weights or one weight (you do what's best ...

  • Booty After Baby #9

    We're incorporating lots of unilateral moves today! These provide more work for our core, more muscle isolation, and help show us muscle imbalances.

    - 3 x 20 birddogs, 20 (each side) cha chas, 15 hip thrusts

    - SS x 3: 15 hip thrusts + 6 (each leg) b-stance hip thrusts (we'll do single leg thrus...

  • Booty After Baby #10

    Another booty workout, another day of hip thrusts. Hip thrusts are a MUST!

    - Activation: 3 x 30 (each direction) lateral steps, 10 good mornings, 20 glute bridges

    - 3 x 10 hip thrusts + 10 half rep thrusts

    - 3 x 6 (each leg) single leg hip thrusts (told y’all we’d do them!)

    - SS x3: 8 curtsy...

  • Booty After Baby #11

    Alright, mamas. Things are really starting to get real here. I hope you're feeling stronger and more ready for each new workout! We're still trying to pick it up with each one. Woop!

    - Activation: 3 x 12 step squats, 15 (each leg) kickbacks, 15 hip thrusts

    - Ladder (20, 15, 10, 5) hip thrusts +...

  • Booty After Baby #12

    We've got some super fun supersets today AND my all-time favorite finisher. It's so good!

    - 3 x 5 lateral steps + 3 good morning x 3, 10 (each leg) rainbows, 20 glute bridge abduction

    - SS x 3 8 down ups + 8 (each leg) SLRDL to reverse lunge

    - 3 x 8 (each leg) single leg hip thrusts

    - 3 x 8 ...

  • Booty After Baby #13

    Our moves are starting to become more intense! I'm introducing more compound moves AND more complex moves. And per usual, we're working on some unilateral movements as well.

    - Activation: 3x: 10 (each leg) fire hydrants, 5 x 5 bridge to 5 abduction, 30 standing abduction

    - SS x3: 15 hip thrust...

  • Booty After Baby #14

    First things first--if you don't have a long band, order one now! This is your reminder. Any long band will work, but here is a link to the kind I use

    - 3x: 20 bridges, 10 (each leg) fire hydrants, 10 (each leg) rainbows, 15 hip thrusts

    - SS: 15 b...

  • Booty After Baby #15

    I'm introducing the frog stance to y'all today. A favorite of mine for upper glutes! And for our of the best glute moves of all time. Woohoooo!

    - Activation: 3x 40 lateral step taps, 15 (each leg) kickbacks, 20 glute bridges

    - SS 4x: 15 hip thrusts + 8 (each leg) single leg hip...

  • Booty After Baby #16

    Lots of supersets, lots of burnout, lots of glute building!

    - Activation: 3x 40 lateral step taps, 20 hip thrusts, 10 (each leg) kickbacks

    - 3 x: 15 1.5 rep thrusts, 15 frog thrusts, 30 thrusted abduction

    - 3x SS: 8 reverse lunge to kickback + 12 rainbows (each leg)

    - 3x: SS 12 sumo squats + ...

  • Booty After Baby #17

    More new moves, more glute building!

    - Activation: 20 bridges, 10 (each leg) glute bridge marches, 20 (each direction) lateral steps

    - 3x: 15 RDL’s + 10 hip banded RDL’s + 8 (each leg) Bulgarian SLRDL

    - 3x 15 kneeling hip thrusts

    - 3x 12 down ups

    - Finisher: 20, 25, 10, 5 hip thrust + abduct...

  • Booty After Baby #18

    Okay, mama. Are we seeing some growth yet? Feeling some more strength?! I sure hope so because I know I am!

    - Activation: 15 thrust to abduction, 10 squats, 15 kickbacks (each eg

    - Circuit 3x: 15 hip thrusts, 12 sit squats, 10 sit squat jumps

    - SS 3x: 12 lateral step ups + 30 seconds step up ...

  • Booty After Baby #19

    Okay we're really into heavy into this program by now, mama. If you haven't started challenging yourself with weights, TODAY is the day to do it. Don't have heavier weights? Add more reps than what I have written! I know for a fact you're stronger, more mobile, and feeling much better now than yo...

  • Booty After Baby #20

    We've officially got heavy weights, light weights, long bands, short bands...all the things! Can you believe we're 20 workouts in? If you haven't recently...give yourself a pat on the back, mama.

    - Activation: 20 bridge to abduction, 15 good mornings

    - SS: 4x 20 weighted glute bridges + 20 ban...

  • Booty After Baby #21

    We're bringing in more ROM (range of motion) now! During recovery (or if you're a beginner), it's best to start with smaller ROM's. But as you progress and strengthen, adding in a greater ROM can help with more growth and mobility. It also allows moves to become more challenging! So, more ROM, he...

  • Booty After Baby #22

    Still working with a deficit, so make sure you've got your 1-4 inch platform! Lots of high reps today and lots of booty work.

    - Activation: 3x 30 lateral step taps, 10 squats, 15 (each leg) kickbacks

    - Hip Thrust Ladder: 20 hip thrusts + bodyweight thrusts, 15, 10, 5

    - 3x: 8 (each leg) decline...

  • Booty After Baby #23

    Alright, mama. Before we get started...make sure you've got everything you need! You'll need the typical incline (for thrusts), short band, heavy weight, and light weights. You'll also need your long band. Adding in this time: ANOTHER platform to do deficit work on. So make sure you've got TWO 1-...

  • Booty After Baby #24

    Change of location today! It was pouring outside, and E sleeps in his nursery now as y'all know. So we're making do with what we got! It's a little cramped and cluttered, and E woke up about 4 times during this one...but the show must go on! We've got a schedule to follow and a booty to build, ri...

  • Booty After Baby #25

    Focusing on the gluteus medius today! Aka, the side booty. And let me tell ya...I'm typing this after I've already done this workout and I am SORE!

    - Activation: 3x 10 (each leg) fire hydrants, 20 thrusts, 10 squats

    - 4x10 (each leg) Bulgarian split squats

    - 3x 20 thrust to abduction, 12 sta...

  • Booty After Baby #26

    Alright mama, get that side booty ready to be worked.

    - Activation: 3x 12 clamshells (each leg), 30 frog pumps, 30 (each direction) lateral steps

    - SS: 4x 15 heavy, banded hip thrusts + 30 seconds assisted hinged hip abductions

    - SS: 12 (each leg) lateral step banded squats (or cable machine!...

  • Booty After Baby #27

    Lots of unilateral work today! I brought Booty After Baby to the beach with me. Get your single leg movements ready!

    - Activation: 10 good mornings, 15 (each leg) kickbacks, 20 glute bridges

    - SS x3: 15 hip resisted RDL + 10 (each leg) SLRDL

    - SS x3: 15 hip resisted kneeling hip thrusts + 10 (...

  • Booty After Baby #28

    Grab your equipment for some deficit work! And one of my favorite ways to do hip thrusts is in this workout.

    - Activation: 10 squats, 30 seated abduction, 15 (each leg) kickbacks

    - 3 x 12 deficit reverse lunges (each leg)

    - SS x3: 10 curtsy step ups + 30 seconds banded curtsy with lateral rai...

  • Booty After Baby #29

    Today was a doozy! Those half rep movements create the perfect amount of time under tension and so much more burn. Getting close to 3/4 of the way done, mama! WHAT?!

    - Activation: 3x 15 good mornings, 20 hip thrusts, 10 (each leg) rainbows

    - SS 4x: 10 1.5 rep RDL’s + 10 swings

    - SS: 3x 10 1....

  • Booty After Baby #30

    Lots of good tempo work today to work those muscles longer! Burn baby burn. Took a lot to get this workout done with Eli's schedule (literally took over a 4-hour span) but we did it! And that's motherhood.

    - Activation: 3x 40 lateral step taps, 15 hip thrusts, 10 squats

    -SS 4x: 5-second tempo h...

  • Booty After Baby #31

    We've got the full glute-building format today! Thrust/bridge, squat/lunge, hinge--crucial for growing your glutes!

    -Activation: 3x 20 (each leg) cha cha’s, 15 thrusts, 10 good mornings

    -SS x3: 10 (each leg) heavy b-stance thrusts + 5 10-second hold thrusts

    -SS x3: 8 tempo curtsy lunges + 12 ...

  • Booty After Baby #32

    Okay this one was SO hard for me! In the best way of course. Hope y'all love it, too!

    -Activation: 3x 12 step squats, 20 (each direction) lateral steps, 20 bridges

    -SS x4: 20 frog thrusts + 12 cable/long band squats

    -Circuit 3x: 10 curtsy step ups (each leg), 15 (each leg) lateral raises (inte...

  • Booty After Baby #33

    This one GOT ME GOOD!!!!

    - Activation: 20 diagonal steps, 10 (each leg) single leg glute bridge lifts, 10 squats

    - SS x3: 20 glute bridges + 12 (each leg) single leg hip thrusts

    - SS: 3x 6 (each side) side step squats + 6 weighted jump squat to curtsys

    - SS: 3 x 8 1.5 rep RDL’s + 30s (each l...

  • Booty After Baby #34

    Okay, not tooting my own horn but this one is FANTASTIC again. Let's keep the good work going, mama!

    - Activation: 10 (long band) good mornings, 15 hip thrusts, 10 incline glute bridges

    - 3 x 10 (each leg) deep step ups

    - SS: 3x *toes elevated Bulgarian split pulse squats + 8 bodyweight varia...

  • Booty After Baby #35

    Activation: 25 frog pumps, 20 (total) L walks, 10 good mornings
    Hip thrust pyramid: 25, 15, 5, 15, 25
    SS: 3x 8-10 deficit sumo squats + 8 down ups (sumo RDL down to squat up)
    3 x 20 (each leg) extra range side-lying hip abduction
    3 x 10 American RDLs
    Finisher: 100 lateral step taps

    Outfit: Sou...

  • Booty After Baby #36

    Keeping this one slower and heavier. And phew did I feel it!

    - Activation: 3x 25 seated abductions, 15 hip thrusts, 15 squats

    - 4 x 15 hip thrusts

    - SS 4x: 10 sumo pulse squats + 6 (each leg) single leg sit squats

    - 3 x 10 (each leg) deficit reverse lunges

    - Finisher: 4 x 20 frog pumps


  • Booty After Baby #37

    Apologies for the cluttered "gym" today, but it was storming and E was in the nursery! Had to get it in!

    - Activation: 5x 5 bridge + 5 abduction, 10 (each leg) bodyweight SLRDL

    - SS: 3x 20 slight incline glute bridges + 12 (each leg) weighted SL hip thrusts

    - SS: 3x 12 wide stance RDL’s + 8 (...

  • Booty After Baby #38

    Okay--I was so helter skelter during this workout but we got it done! First of all, there was a dang cockroach that tried to interfere with my finisher. Second, apparently my head was out for the Memorial Day weekend. Regardless, my hamstrings still FELT IT the next day! Y'all enjoy :)

    - Activa...

  • Booty After Baby #39

    - Activation: 15 thrusts, 10 squats, 10 (each leg, no band) reverse lunge to kickback

    - 4 x 5 5-second hold hip thrusts + 10 hip thrusts

    - SS 3x: 10 tempo sumo squats + 30 seconds deep squat to plie squat

    - 3 x 12 (each leg) deep step ups

    - 3 x 10 reverse frog hypers

    - 4 x 30 second inclin...

  • Booty After Baby #40

    - Activation: 30 lateral step taps, 20 glute bridges, 20 (each leg) cha cha’s

    - 3 x 10 (each leg) B-stance hip thrusts

    - 3 x 10 (each leg) SL kneeling hip thrusts (banded and weighted!)

    - SS 3x: 12 RDL’s + 10 (each leg) lateral glute kickbacks

    - 3 x 10 (each leg) squat hold internal/externa...

  • Booty After Baby #41

    -Activation: 5x 5 glute bridge + 5 abduction, 10 (each leg) SLRDL with knee drive

    - 4 x 12 extra ROM hip thrusts

    - 3 x 8 (each leg) SLRDL to reverse lunge on incline

    - SS 4x: 20 weighted glute bridges + 30 seated abductions

    - Finisher: 3x 12 (each leg) standing fire hydrants (one of my favo...

  • Booty After Baby #42

    Sooo close to the finish line, mama! We're finishing strong!

    - Activation: 15 thrusts, 20 seated abduction, 10 squats

    - SS 4x: 15 hip thrusts + 15 table top thrusts

    - SS 3x: 8 (each leg) single leg sit squats + 10 (each leg) single leg incline glute bridges

    - 3x: 4 rounds (back and forth t...

  • Booty After Baby #43

    - Activation: 30 lateral step taps, 10 long band good mornings, 15 thrusts

    - SS 3x: 12 toes inclined RDL’s + 12 (each leg) SL hip thrusts

    - 3x: 8 deficit sumo squat to RDL

    - SS 3x: 10 SLRDL to curtsy + 20 lateral steps (complete each move on the SAME leg before switching legs)

    - Finisher: 20 ...

  • Booty After Baby #44

    This may be one of my favorites yet! We're trying to finish with a bang here, ya know?

    - Activation: 15 thrusts, 20 (each leg cha Chas), 40 seated abduction

    - SS 3x: frog pump dropset— 30 weights straight into 30 bodyweight + SL hip thrust dropset— 15 weighted straight into 15 bodyweight (each ...

  • Booty After Baby #45

    Well mama, you made it. 45 workouts. All of those hours dedicated to YOU. You got it done, in between in naps, before feeds, even when you didn't feel like doing it. I am SO proud of you. Let's wrap this program up and give yourself a pat on the booty for me. Seriously.

    - Activation: 20 bridges...