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Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

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Third Trimester Full Body Strength

Training For Motherhood • 43m

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  • Third Trimester Pelvic Stability & Core

    This one's a bit long, and requires adjusting some equipment around, but it's such an important one! Lots of explaining, too, so make sure you listen up :)

    Equipment: small ball/pillow, cable machine/long band, set of dumbbells, kettlebell or heavy weight to swing with

    3x: pelvic stability ex...

  • Third Trimester Glutes

    Equipment: stability ball/incline, short band, set of dumbbells, optional heavy weight
    Activation: 3x
    - 15 glute bridges (can modify here for hip thrusts if that feels better)
    - 15 (each leg) standing kickbacks
    - 10 (each side) clamshells
    - 10-15 hip thrusts *bodyweight is optional here, b...

  • Third Trimester Upper Push

    During this workout, I want your focus to be on connecting the Core 4 WHILE you push. Being able to make that mind-to--muscle connection and having all of these very important muscles working together is so important and GREAT training for the big day!

    Equipment: small ball/pillow, incline for ...