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Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

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Second Trimester Intro Video

Training For Motherhood • 16m

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  • Second Trimester Full Body Strength

    Important things we work on during second tri:
    - Unilateral Work: to address imbalances and compensations
    - Glutes: to stabilize pelvis, support pelvic floor, reduce hip & back pain
    - Deep Core: to stabilize pelvis and spine & strengthen the pelvic floor
    - Back: to help with alignment and postu...

  • Second Trimester Lower Body Push & Pull

    I explain what push and pull are in the workout. And of course, we have unilateral-focused movements throughout! Remember to keep focus on CORE and body-awareness (what's being worked, what's not being worked, where you're feeling it, imbalances, etc)

    Equipment: long band, short band, heavy wei...

  • Second Trimester Complete Upper Body

    Here, we are supersetting some agonist-antagonist paired sets (think: opposites muscle groups) so that we can keep things speedy and get our hearts pumping
    Equipment: long band, set of dumbbells, stability ball/bench
    Warmup: 2x12 seated banded pull aparts (engage deep core here!)
    4x 8-10 inclin...