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Second Trimester Glutes

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Second Trimester Full Body Balance

Training For Motherhood • 41m

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  • Second Trimester Glutes

    Lots of bodyweight work here, and focusing on the importance of GLUTES and unilateral work!

    Equipment: stability ball/bench, long band, short band, one lighter dumbbell, heavy dumbbell (optional for RDLs)
    Activation: 3x
    - 10 long band good mornings
    - 20 (each direction) lateral steps
    - 10 (eac...

  • Second Trimester Upper Push (Chest, T...

    All upper body PUSH movements (with some core in the mix, of course!) We mamas need upper body strength to do so many things in our daily lives!

    Equipment: incline, stability ball (optional), set of dumbbells, long band
    SS 1: 3x
    - 12-15 incline OR stability ball chest press
    - 5-8 (each arm) si...

  • Second Trimester Posterior Chain

    As explained in First Trimester Posterior Chain, the main reason for strengthening our PC is because: the stronger our backside is, the more support our frontside receives. And by now, you're probably noticing the shifting of your alignment--whether you're wanting it to happen or not!
    So focusin...