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Second Trimester Complete Upper Body

Training For Motherhood • 35m

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  • Second Trimester Upper Body Pull (Bac...

    For this workout, every move is targeting our back and/or biceps. You'll probably notice that during pretty much every back exercise, your biceps will be feeling some work, as well. That's because the two go hand in hand (especially with rows)! So many of these moves translate directly into mothe...

  • Second Trimester Full Body Balance

    Equipment: set of dumbbells, stability ball, incline (bench, box, coffee table), long band
    4x6 (each arm) offset RDLs
    SS 1: 3x (complete each exercise with right arm, repeat on left)
    - 10 seated single arm Arnold press
    - 5-8 side-lying tricep presses
    - 10-12 (each leg) single leg hip thrusts...

  • Second Trimester Glutes

    Lots of bodyweight work here, and focusing on the importance of GLUTES and unilateral work!

    Equipment: stability ball/bench, long band, short band, one lighter dumbbell, heavy dumbbell (optional for RDLs)
    Activation: 3x
    - 10 long band good mornings
    - 20 (each direction) lateral steps
    - 10 (eac...