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Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

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First Trimester Lower Body Push & Pull

Training For Motherhood • 45m

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    Whether you realize it or not, Mama, you're about to be doing bicep curls on the regular :) Every time you pick up that sweet babe, you're essentially curling! We also need a strong back to help support us during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. These exercises are chosen to help us train for al...

  • First Trimester Push & Pull with Core

    Equipment: set of dumbbells, stability ball, small ball/pillow
    - 12 RDL to bent over row
    - 10-12 bicep curls
    - 10 bear hold with ball squeeze
    - 10-12 pushups
    - 20 seated alternating shoulder press
    - 5-8 (each side) side-lying triceps pushups
    Core Circuit 3x:
    - 10 calf raise with stabili...

  • First Trimester Full Body Balance

    Balance--because our changing body is continuing to shift and move and we want to make sure we keep up with it! So these exercises focus on unilateral work (which y'all know means: CORE!), body awareness (noticing imbalances, where there are changes, what is starting to get difficult), and engagi...