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Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

Watch this video and more on Fittest Core

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11 Minute Full Body & Core

20 Minutes For Moms • 18m

Up Next in 20 Minutes For Moms

  • Lower Body & Core 15 Minute AMRAPs

    *Apologies for the sound in this video, y'all! The echo in the hotel gym didn't mix well with my airpods, and I wasn't aware until much later*

    Format: 2 times through each AMRAP. 3 minute AMRAPs for the first time through, 2 minutes for the second time through. 30 seconds rest between AMRAPs

  • 18 Minute Back & Booty

    Format: 40 seconds first move, 20 seconds second move; 30 seconds rest. Complete for 3 rounds
    - Hip thrusts, dumbbell lat pullovers
    - RDLs, reverse flies
    - Glute bridges, renegade rows
    - Hinged banded abduction, upright rows

  • 14 Minute Full Body HIIT

    Format: 30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. Complete 3 rounds.
    - Alternating snatches
    - Alternating curtsy lunges
    - Burpees
    - Skier swings
    - Hinge to squat complex
    - Alternating tricep kickbacks